The purpose of the following photos is to show the similarities and differences between the vegetative phenotypes of sly1 alleles in the Col and Ler backgrounds. Plants were grown in 4 inch pots under fluorescent lamps in a Conviron under a 16 hr day. The three alleles of sly1 form an allelic series with severity increasing as sly1-10 < sly1-2 < sly1-t2. The phenotypes will vary somewhat in different sized pots and under different light levels (taller when light is weak). It is important to notice the differences between sly1-2 in the Ler (shorter) and Col (taller and bushier) backgrounds. It is very important to always write "Col" on tubes to avoid confusing these plants. The sly1-10 mutant is about the same height as the sly1-2 allele in Col. But notice that the sly1-10 Ler has smaller siliques and that the distance between the siliques is shorter (shorter internodes). The sly1-t2 allele is very similar in appearance to sly1-2 (both in Ler). However, the sly1-t2 allele results in a stronger seed dormancy phentoype and carries a Kan resistance gene on the T-DNA insertion in the sly1 gene. To see a full size image, click on the desired photo. Also see this remark about propagating the sleepy1 mutant.


Comparison of sly1-10 in Ler (left)
to sly-2 in Col (right)


Comparison of sly1-2 in Ler (left)
to sly-2 in Col (right)


sly-2 in Col


Comparison of sly1-t2 in Ler (left)
to sly-2 in Ler (right)

Other Photos


Kim Campbell and Camille Steber
at Central Ferry Farm


Camille Steber and Elizabeth Schramm
in the greenhouse


Elizabeth Schramm, Kim Campbell
and Lesley Murphy at the greenhouse


The greenhouse from the outside


In the new lab


The lab is in the Vogel Plant Biosciences Building
at Washington State University


Elizabeth Schramm, Camille Steber and
Jorgen Abellera at Central Ferry Farm


Working with the planter
at Central Ferry Farm